Access for emergency repairs

Hi All.
From photos tenant have sent it would appear there is quite a bad leak down a wall.
Managed to find a roofer who said he could come out today and asked tenant if this was okay. She agreed but when I checked with the roofer he said - his words - “she wouldn’t let me in”.
I understand it was not 24 hours notice but have had trouble gaining access previously.
If she continues to refuse access, I am just seeking clarification if i can tell her I will be letting myself in? Really don’t think this will be going down too well.
Another problem is living so far away I will have to get there to do so and could find she’s bolted the door or put the chain across and gone out the back.
Thank you.

I understand wanting to see how far in the property the leak is. Can he not give the roof a look over from a ladder at gutter level?

Hi Colin. Yes from the front but not the back and the back is where the worse leak is. Like you say it would be helpful to see the three places where there looks like water damage but will see if she lets him today.
Also, she will only give access for one to two hours in the morning so any job taking longer than that can’t be done unless it’s done in small pieces and that’s all more time and trouble to a trades person and often more costly to us. But hopefully today. Just thinking of selling up. May have to come up to Liverpool. It’s a nice place.

Bootle… Sefton council ?..If the tenant is being difficult keep a record of all that happens . I would contact the local council officer and explain all in a letter. Its Jane Little Smith in Sefton.This safeguards yourself if the tenant tries to blame you for no repairs

Really good advice thank you @Colin3