Opinion sought from experienced Landlords

Hi Everyone,

We own and rent a lovely top floor executive 2 bed apartment by a river for almost 10 years.

A New Management Company has just taken over, perhaps a buyout of the previous company we think.

Just before Christmas, under the previous management, we had a leak causing damage to our ceiling , and around the window and one wall.

Investigations over a week or , concluded it was the building roof with small damage , needing some remedial works completed by the previous management company. They put a rig up in the car park in order to complete the works, all sorted and paid by them.

It was agreed they would sort the small damage to our bathroom ceiling and window and they were in the process of obtaining quotes when the takeover came about and delayed this activity.

The New Management Company , I have been having long discussions, claim they do not do anything inside apartments and I must claim off the Insurance they have arranged for me and they will refund any excess I lose along the way.

I have looked at this Insurance and it looks to me like The Management Company Insurance on the Building.

I have told the New Property Manager several times that as the damage was caused by their leaking roof , my claim is against them ,not any Insurance, and she is talking a load of rubbish, but she is quite insistent, this is the way they operate and won’t budge…

Today I got sight of insurance policy and the excess for water damage is £400. My repair won’t come to that amount. But for me it is the principle that it is their duty to fix.

I’m looking for some of your views before I go back and suggest that if they don’t sort it out , send them the bill, and I will take them to small claims court for the amount if they don’t pay for it.

Thoughts appreciated especially from experienced landlords.

we have been on great terms with both previous Management Companies.


Shes probably right. Unless you can prove negligence then its an “act of God” and you have to claim for any damage to your flat on your insurance.

We had a similar problem with a leak in the common part causing damage to our demised flat. The freeholder paid for the repairs to the common part and the building insurance arranged by the management company paid for the repairs to our flat. It was their insurance and hence they paid the excess. We had nothing to pay.

Thanks Tony and Dave, I think ive got a result now with the Management Company. Repair will be less than their insurance excess so they will pick up the tab.
Thanks once again.