Access to house for maintenance

My rented property has had a leak in the bathroom which is now fixed.
There is some making good to be done…painting, rubbing down, etc.
The tenant refuses to allow access for the work to be done unless he is there.
In order to maintain a good relationship I have arranged for my handyman (who tenant has met) to go when tenant will be there.
But now tenant says he can only go in between 10am and 3.30.
I’m concerned that might not be enough time to complete the work, and run risk of irritating a really good handyman.
Does anyone have any thoughts please.

Firstly, ask the tenant why he has restricted hours and explain that a working day is 8 till 4
Could he not allow access for those days
Explain how this would become difficult

If no luck speak to your workman. most understand that tenant’s are difficult. It won’t be the first time he has heard these Diva demands :grinning:


Thanks A-A
I’m just concerned that if I can only offer the handyman a few hours rather than a full days work he might go elsewhere!
Good guys are hard to find.

He will probably charge you extra as he has to make more visits

I wouldnt stand for this, you are prepared to fix problems but the tenant is being difficult. You have right of access,wether he is there or not, workmen wont like being messed.
I would simply say workman will be there at 8am with keys to access if he isnt there, if he kicks off and refuses, then he is blocking the repairs, so dont do them, stuff him.

We always accompany work people if there’s a problem. Take a book! They have to give access for any work to be done. We’re having new windows in 1 flat in a couple of weeks and I’m going to be in situ for the day it’ll take to allow my tenant to go to work instead of working from home. Gosh, we’ve really fabulous tenants reading all the issues people have on here!

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