Advice about handling multiple properties online

I currently have a few properties advertised through Air B and B and varies other online platforms. As time as gone on I have found it very time consuming logging into different platforms to check and manage the bookings as well answering guest ongoing questions and at times complaints.
I had taken on a Self Employed agent through word of mouth who was able to handle all the online stuff which had been fantastic. Unfortunately a while back he sadly passed away.
Currently I have gone back to doing as I have done before.
I need to find another agent who will take this on but have no idea on how to find one and even search for one.
Any help or advice will be most appreciated.

Make sure you pick someone who understands the law. If theyre not on holiday or dont have another permanent home, then theyre likely to have an AST regardless of what contract you give them.

Hi, can i ask what area you are in and if you’ve managed to find someone to help run your properties.