Management company?

Can I ask if anyone has had any experience with this outfit and if they have an opinion about them?

Failing that, do you have anyone you’d recommend?

Yes, I know it’s better to do it yourself but, after 20 years of it, my wife and I want to get out of the Landlord business. We’ve been trying to sell two properties but it looks as though we may have to rent out one for at least another year. Unfortunately, we’ve moved out of the area where it’s located so getting to it is now a problem for us.

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

Never heard of them.They appear very new-the (sole) testimonial says “Ben has taken care of our flat for the past three years” but website is only last year, no info or connections on LinkedIn, no followers on their brand new Twitter account.

They are either not a registered company or are failing to comply with legislation as I cannot see any company info on the website. I’d give “them” a miss.

I still manage myself (I’m in London) but you may wish to go for more established and therefore more expensive frms such as Savilles or Hamptons. The other chains are usually clueless as my experience of living in a building where these lot supposedly “manage” the other flats has shown.

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They may be fine but I think you need more certainty. Have a look at this: 10 tips for choosing your letting agent -
and this: This is how landlords should choose an agent - accord...

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They don’t appear to be members of any of the relevant associations, and as @Terry6 said, there is no address or any information as to who they actually are, and that information is legally required on a website, so if they can’t get that right, I wouldn’t trust them to be up to date with letting regulations.

The domain name looks like it was only registered in January and there are no details of who owns it. whois lookup -

It also sounds too good to be true - everything included for 10% (tenant find, check-in etc and all repairs).

So, I wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole.


Many thanks to all of you who responded - helpful advice and food for thought. :+1: