Advice needed - tenant has CCJ but willing to pay upfront

Staying with patents is always a flag, why, how long, where before for last 5 years


For me, there’s too many holes here. We’ve been stung in the past with similar stories. Everything is plausible, people do live with parents short term if they’ve lost their job, people will take out a loan for a family member and not be paid back, but the loan company would be writing to you to ask for the payments and with the amount they earn they would have picked up the payments. But, where did they live prior to living with parents? Personally, I’d decline, better to wait for the right applicant and have the property empty for a few months than run the risk of no rent for months and months anll the stress and upset that comes with it. Good luck.


Ask for 6 months bank statements and wage slips - this will indicate how well they manage their money and ask for a guarantor (working home owner). If they can’t provide these or they don’t look good- move on
I did take on a tenant ( with a family) who had a ccj- he did have a good reference from previous landlord of paying ( I saw evidence) and saw both his working wife and his bank statements and wage slips and he also provided a working home owner guarantor. He has been a model tenant.


Thats rubbish leslie not every person that lands up wth a CCJ is dishonest there is sometime s circumstances happen 2 a tenant by the landlord them selfs .wth no fault 2 the tenant i landed up with a CCJ all because after doing 3.5 yrs of unofficial building works for my landlord & i was paying rent 2 her unfortunately she kept saying ill sort out rent receipts which never came rather than pay me she evicted me instead im bn homeless since 20th August 2019 .i hav ganators .u cant condem every possible tenant aint logical

One side of the story ?, but your the one with a CCJ which was handed by a judge looking at the facts.
In any event if people want to take on CCJ Tenants thats their choice, but not for me and many like me, thank you.

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I need some advice urgently please.
I have offered a tenancy to someone to start in the next couple of days based on the following terms:

  1. 6 months advance rent paid the day before moving in. The 6 months rent to be paid equates to an exact period and for a precise amount that covers the first 6 months and no more.
  2. 5 weeks rent deposit
  3. Universal credit paid directly into my account from the start of the tenancy. (this is regarded as further rent advance. After the initial 6 months term if the tenant wanted to continue with the remaining 6 months of the tenancy agreement then they would have a balance already with me i.e. rent paid in advance for a defined period and at the same rate – np hidden fees etc)
  4. Guarantor
    The reason why I have been so strict with this prospective tenant is because they are high risk and have 3 CCJ’s. The Universal credit money that Is paid to me from the start of the tenancy is regarded as advance rent for the following 6 months to ensure when the first 6 months is over, I’m not chasing the tenant for future advance rent.
    Apologies if my query above doesn’t make sense, please ask me questions for clarification.

I am assuming this is a 12 month AST
You cannot ask for double rent as in clause 3
You either take 12 months upfront or 6 months upfront and then monthly
What you are doing comes across as dodgy

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It is likely that the 6 months rent will be regarded by a court as an illegal and unprotected deposit if you also take rent payments from the start. You will be liable to a penalty of up to 3x the value of that deposit.

Please do some more training in this area rather than winging it.

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forget it you are on a loser and sound desperate .I will let you borrow my barge pole 3 ccj s !!! Are you crazy ?


Great info. Do you know what the golden number usually is? Is it something like 3 x the rental amount? I think I’ll add this to my template when screening tenants/asking for further info.

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I just went on line & compared a few affordability calculations like this one

There are slight differences but it gives you an idea of where to pitch it. Check a few to make sure you’re on the right track. Good luck!

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Brilliant! Thank you!

3x rent but do you mean Gross or Net income ?

Just to give you a different perspective. I am a landlord and let 2 properties. I consider myself a 5 star landlord as I always respond with 24 hours I do all the management myself and after 5 years of doing it myself I’ve had a brilliant relationship with all my tenants. However, I have numerous CCJs, and credit defaults. I would not be eligible to rent off a private landlord but I am actually of good character. My debts came from negligent builders on my personal property and it got me into so much debt trying to get repairs done and fleeced time and time again I couldn’t raise any more money to finish the house so I bought into an investment plan which in theory should have got me out of trouble. it was Harlequin Property and long story short I lost a fortune as it turned out to be a complete fraud. My properties are in negative equity due to this. So just because I have bad credit doesn’t mean I’m unreliable and its a stain I can’t get rid of mostly through no fault of my own. Just so you don’t tar everyone with the same brush. I would be too scared to take someone with ccjs after what I’ve been through but I always feel, if that was me trying to rent somewhere I would be homeless.


I always ask anyone with a ccj to explain it and have accepted people who have seen verifiable reason such as yours.

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I would almost definitely take the family after speaking to them and getting my own gut feeling however, I would take them on the basis that rent is payable on a monthly basis 6 months in advance so that are paying rent monthly so that they are always 6 months in advance. When they give a notice you pay the balance of the rent back to them at the end of the tenancy. I have done this sort of thing numerous times without a problem.

Hi Russell, i’m looking for so me advice, it’s for a commercial property, but it’s rented none the less, i haven’t done any viewings before so not sure what to ask the potential tenant to be sure that they are suitable, can you help me with what i need to ask them to be sure they’re ok, thanks

I rent out commercial properties . Apart from asking about earnings I want to know what experience they have ,about their business sense, their business plans, do they have other income in the household, Is the location suitable for what they want to do? Just because you open a business does not mean everyone will flock to your door…


Hi Collin, that all sounds like common sense stuff, I am about to sign a women and her partner to sell flowers, she’s done it since she was 15, she’s selling online at present and to a retail store well known online well so she says, she has no landlord references as he’s moved to Australia, can I ask how do I run a suitable credit check and what would be a deal breaker, I’m also contracting out the lease, do you have any experience with leases as I need somebody to check the one I’ve done thanks for the advice

Ask for the landlords details anyway and ask to see a contract and proof of payment.
How convenient that the Landlord has moved to Australia!!
No email, no social media, no phone etc This is the 21st century.
That is a red flag in itself
I asked for a Landlord reference and was told she was Cypriot and did not speak English. So I asked for the reference before that. They did not reply. I did not take the Tenants
If she is selling on line she will have a contract ask to see her bank statements and evidence of her contracts with this well known store

whatever she has told you she needs to back up with paperwork

If she can’t walk away