Advice please landlords

Hi all.
I recently had my tenants house replastered and decorated for her and to prep for this she moved the co2 detector alarm out of the lounge and into the cupboard out of the way.

Anyway, last year the same detector was where it should be - in the lounge and gas safety check passed no issues.

So I’ve just had a message from the gas safety company who did this year’s inspection through open rent and they said they have failed it and won’t release the certificate until I have a co2 alarm fitted… To the tune of £60 which they can do for me.

I replied and told them I don’t require that as we had one, messaged my tenant and told her to put it back in the lounge where it should be so I can send a photo as proof.

The gas company then replied and said I could send them a photo and it would need to show the ezpirary date on the alarm too!?

I know the laws changed in Oct 22…but I can’t see anything on the gov website where it needs to be dated (as I’m pretty sure it’s not) and it passed the check last time no issues…

So, finally, my questions are as follows…

1: do they even check for co2 alarm in a gas safety check? Is that a part of the form? And are they right to withhold it?

2: does it need an expiry date?

My tenants safety is my absolute priority but I’m not sure if I’m being extorted!?


First, it’s a CO alarm, not CO2.

Second, yes they have dates.

I recently bought one CO alarm and I think it says it should last 5 (or maybe 10) years. I did write down the date of purchase on it.

The carbon monoxide alarm is a part of the CP12. The person carrying out the test would need to check for themselves one is present, “fixed” in the correct place, check that it is in date and test it to see it working. You sending a photo won’t do. It wasn’t there on the day of the test and it will require the engineer to revisit the property. It is unfortunate but you will have to put this one down to experience.

Got ya

Chalk it down to experience!


Yeah I did this too but it doesn’t have am expiry day set by manufacturer as requested - odd!


Yes that’s what I meant I got myself confused in a ball of fury thinking I was being conned :joy: looks like a learning experience for me