Advice required please

I have an enquiry from a lady with twins on universal credit and she also works so can top up any shortfall - would you consider this applicant ?

It would depend on calibre of other applicants. UC and low income is generally higher risk. Thoroughly vet, iE never missed a rent payment, check bank statements to see if remains in credit, gambling, stable employment, employment gaps etc etc.

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I just talked with such person on the forum - T who is on benefits and works to top up the rent. He was rude, entitled and aggressive towards other LL, blaming them of all sorts. I don’t say that this lady is the same, but there’s always a good reason why people can’t fully support themselves which may include their entitled attitude - no employer will tolerate this.

Talk to at least two previous LL of this lady (the earlier one may be more truthful); ask her why she has to move; check the latest 3-6 bank statements to see the spending and financial commitments’ pattern and verify that she has a healthy bank balance at the end of each month. Ask her for proof of savings - if she lives from hand to mouth, in case of extra spending she will always prioritize herself and her children over the rent.
And, at the end of the day, remember that even if she stops paying the rent, no judge will evict her with two minors on the street without much hesitation and giving a lot of extra time. It will be a really long and expensive process to get your property back. Up to you to decide if it’s worth taking the risk.


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