Would like to communicate with a potential Landlord

Hi, I hope this message finds you well.

I am looking for a two bedroom property for myself and son (adult) in Fulham/Wembley, areas that have straight access to Central London.

I am in receipt of Universal Credit, I can provide references and a full deposit. I do not have a guarantor unfortunately and I am aware this can be a concern for a landlord, and I respect that and the reasons behind that. What I do have to offer is to be my own guarantor by having an open discussion about increasing the deposit. I wish to build a honest respectful relationship with a potential landlord. I wish to create a environment where you know I am taking an agreement between two people seriously, along with ensuring that I will take full responsibility in making sure that the rent is met on time, and always keeping on top of any communication with the benefit department on behalf of myself and landlord.

I have worked for Rolls Royce in Victoria London, then Macmillan Cancer Support in Vauxhall London. Unfortunately I had to step down from Macmillan but continued to monitor a support line. I would discuss this more in depth with a potential landlord.

I have found it difficult on here to communicate directly with a landlord to discuss whether they would consider discussing the possibility of accepting Universal Credit. Hence why this message has been placed on here. And again, I do understand why forms etc are put in place due to the amount of enquiries that have been made and then have to be dealt with. I do respect and have researched why landlords have reservations about accepting a tenant on benefits. All I can say to you at this moment in time, is I would respect you as a person not only as a landlord and respect your property along with neighbours and the surrounding area.

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