Advices to rent in London

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I’ll be in London on 20th September as a postgraduate student and i want ththe accommodation at least for 6monthes. So please tell me how could i rent a shared room in the cheapest way from another country. And how could i trust the landlord to pay the deposit?Tnx

Hi. Many properties have online viewing now, which is a video of a place. In your situation I would go with a reputable agent (check the reviews). They’re not ideal, but at least you won’t be scammed by people who pretend to own the place and then disappear with your money. Lack of local knowledge makes you vulnerable and an easy target for the crooks.

You need to wait till you’re in London and visit properties face to face. Arrive earlier in September. Don’t try to do this from another country.

Also, being a foreign student, many LL will ask for several months’ rent in advance. Risk goes both ways. However, you look at it, it won’t be cheap for you. If you will do most of PhD from home, consider cheaper places with long commutes.

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