Advise Please on tenants on benefits

How would I deal with a prospective tenant who are on benefits as I have never had one in the past. I’m skeptical / nervous to have one. And how would I reject them without upsetting them so I wouldn’t be accused of being racist? or discriminating anyone as I am not that type of person in real life? I am aware of the law but I just want my own peace of mind and reassurance when renting to someone. Please help I’m desperate to know your opinions so I won’t feel upset myself rejecting anyone.
Many thanks again

You are being over sensitive. We need to come away from this idea that rejecting someone who is not of your race must be linked to racism. It’s ridiculous how things have become now.

It’s your property, your rules. To protect yourself from the unreasonable in this world do not provide a detailed reason and keep it neutral.

From openrent you can either select something like “proceeding with other tenant” or select “other” and something like “unable to help at this time”.

It’s 100% upto you who you want in your property, dont feel bad about it.


Hi, Kristen. Good reply from Mark. Just ant to add that if people want to be offended, they will always find reason to be. You won’t be able to reject them “without upsetting anyone”. Just don’t go along with it.
We often pass by a guy in a wheelchair begging for money. When people wouldn’t give him anything, he shouts at them: “Is it because I’m black?” Would you also feel uncomfortable in this situation? Would you try to go a different route? It’s very uncomfortable, I must admit, but that’s the purpose - to make you feel uncomfortable and hopefully give him the money.

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