Affordability of rent, upfront payment to lower the monthly rent

I picked an agency who said rent was guaranteed, but now see their criteria of the tenant having 30x the rent as income is an issue for most of the people wanting to view the property.

I asked the agency if a potential tenant was to pay some of the rent upfront to reduce the monthly then the affordability would be better. For example £1250 rent means x30=£37.5k income, but £3k upfront rent (£250x30) would mean the monthly rent is now £1000, so a £30k income would be fine.

The agency said this was part of the tenant fee ban. Are they correct?

Seems to me I could ask a potential tenant to buy the “white goods” for £3k and I tell the agency I’ve decided to lower the rent to £1k a month as I like the tenant.

you are the landlord not the agency Part payment of rent upfront cannot possibly be be part of a ban . Not a chance. Sounds as if the agency is trying to protect a commision?You set what you want the tenant to do

I agree with Colin3: It is up to you what rent to charge, and up to you if you want them to buy your goods and they agree to it. Clever idea though!

However, a) if you set the rent to £1000, then it must stay that way until the term ends and you can then get a Rent Guarantee on that basis, and b) if that is not what you want, then paying say three months rent up front will make no difference: the agreement will be for a rent of £1250 and that is the basis for the Rent Guarantee.