Ah, don't you just love Lettings Agents?

Just when I was thinking that I’d found one that seemed reasonable… a timely reminder of what they’re all like!

Last Friday evening - email them requesting to view flat
Saturday - they call back asking if I want to view that day… nope, I say, but I’m available all next week…
Monday - they call… just waiting on an email from the tenant to confirm when they’re available for viewings
Wednesday - call saying it’s booked for Friday, 1.45pm
Friday - 11:30am, call from agent to say ‘sorry, it went yesterday’.

I detest these parasites with a passion.

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you have got to be quick off the mark

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See, I don’t. Not in this market. It’ll be on whatever terms I see fit.

I’m going from a situation where I’m not currently paying any rent at all to giving up to - at best - £850pcm of my hard-earned for someone else to make money. Granted, I’d rather have my privacy and it’s kind of crap living in the family home at my age - but it’s for a maximum of 3 years, which I can deal with if I have to. So if I’m taking that kind of hit financially, I’m not dealing with timewasting a-holes.

From an entirely selfish point of view, I’m hoping that the Government do you guys a favour from next week… it might increase supply a bit!

You mean you do not have to be quick off the mark? .most of the time a landlord who uses an agent does not know what they are telling a potential tenant… The agent will ring up and say we have found someone for you… What favour do you think the goverment will do to “you guys”?

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They are a different breed of people!!!
I have had so many disappointments because I find places that are suitable however I am told in no uncertain terms that I would not meet the financial requirements as my income is made up of a monthly pension with a top up from benefits. That I should look to apply for council housing , which as we all know is zero homes. So now am stuck as to how to cross this bridge!!! I was even told by one estate agent that I should lie to the council , maybe because I was brought up to always be honest that is my downfall.

Its not that black and white but unless you have done the other side of it yourself you have no idea. Tenants can be very selfish snd they have all the rights on their side. Landlords/agents cannot dictate and are at the mercy of tenants. I have been lucky or chosen my own tenants wisely. I will not allow an agency to to do the choosing for me. You say to line our own pockets? Many thousands of pound have been spent on a rental and thousands more ensuring it us up to a very good living standard. Any maintenance issues insurance etc is paid for you. In a lot of instances tenants are renters because they can basically move easily and no maintenance or insurance to pay etc. Everyone is capable of buying a home if they REALLY want to. Not easy but definitely doable if you are determined. There are no tenant fees anmore so not really a rip off.


It’s all down supply and demand I suppose. There is an acute shortage of housing in some parts of the country at the moment so housing agencies/landlords are having to deal with a hell of a lot of applications. Therefore you’ll have to be quick off the mark if you want to secure a property. Just to give you an idea of the acute situation right now; We bought a property last December and estimated that it would take at least 6 months of renovation in this COVID climate before it can be let out. A note pop through the door a few weeks after we got the keys from a lady who lives nearby, saying that her daughter wishes to rent the house. Shortly after, the neighbour who lives opposite enquired about the house on behalf of his friend who is in desperate need of housing.

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Have had many tenants email or phone 10 mins before a viewing saying they found something and to cancel the viewing. Some don’t even bother to call, and just think it’s fine you waste your time to wait for them, without them turning up. It works both ways, am sure there are some bad agencies, but there are also plenty of tenants who could not care about other people’s time and effort.


Also goes for after a viewing with agents.
Agent seems to like you, said they will put you forward for the property and that they will let you know within 2 days. After chasing up via email what the outcome is (you already know)
Get replies via email that “So So” isn’t working today, they will be back next week.
Ring up, Sorry, thought you had been told it’s gone to another applicant.
Just be honest, all applicants, reviews can be very nasty for the service you provide.

not in this market.

I think the fact it went may indicate it’s not the buyers market you hope it is.

I’m no fan of letting agents from the supplier side and that’s one of the reasons I’m now on Open Rent as the last one I spoke to creeped me out a bit.

We listed our property in London Zone 3 and it was effectively gone the next day, we were shocked and had to rush to get references done as we were surprised at the speed.
We had one family plead with us about renting to her and another couple paid the reserve deposit without even seeing the place.

Good luck with finding a place but while I agree with your sentiment you may be further disappointed if you are not able to respond faster. I know I did a few years ago when I was renting and hated them for the same reasons you do now!

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I had horrible experience with 2 estate agents so I gave up long time ago with them. I had problem with rent not paid and messy tenants. I was arguing with estate agent and all they do is avoid their responsibility. A nightmare.
So, I thought “my property, my interest” so I started to do the job myself. At least I don’t have to blame anyone if something goes wrong. In the 12 years I never had major problems with tenants.
Clearly you need informations about legislations and make sure contract and paper work is correctly written and submitted to avoid future problems in case of dispute with tenants.