Would you do short-term rentals?

Hey :wave:

I have two options: I either put my property on Airbnb for monthly stays and get 1500£/month or just rent it out on a 1-year contract for 1000£/month.

What would you recommend to do? How comes?


depends how often you want to go in and clean up

That’s the point, not sure that’s worth the money!

Airbnb for anything other than a holiday is a risk since it may default to an AST.

do you have control over who goes in?

@Colin3 With Airbnb you can refuse or accept guests, if that’s what you mean. I’ve been told that people that stay monthly stays are usually fine, but those that stay only a couple of days seem the ones that do most damage.

That is what I mean .you can say yes or no. That would mean you would want to meet everyone ? In order to check on them. Sounds like extra work to me but with extra pay …,provided it is full occupancy