Am I a bad landlord?

I recently had a new hot water heater fitted to replace the old uneconomical one in the flat I own. Unfortunately it has broken down within 6 months of being fitted. the installer says it’s a faulty unit and he will have to replace it when the ariston supplier have sent him a new one. This is ok but my tenant currently has no running hot water In the kitchen or bathroom sink. It’s an electric shower and there is electric heating (although it’s not needed yet) the installer says that she can access hot water via the shower and kettle so in the short time he has to wait for the parts it will be ok. the tenant is fine about the situation but I am concerned I might be breaking regulations and wonder whether I should give her some compensation for having to wait for the new system to be installed or offer her some temp accommodation in an air B and B Any advice for me ?

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Why are you under this heading (bad landlord)? this is not your fault. I would offer compensation till job fixed. Cheaper than B and B. All the tenants clothes etc are in the flat anyway


They can have a hot shower, they can boil a kettle. Definitely no need to put up in a B and B. I would consider compensation if dragging on perhaps but I don’t think needed immediately. As long as youre pro active in getting it sorted.


As above, just get it repaired as soon as you can. S**t happens.


Thanks all for your responses. Much appreciated.


u sound a gd caring landlord chill pal n my landlord bad leaving me two years no heating

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Ariston use sacrificial anodes and go wrong a lot. Try santon all stainless steel and very reliable. I have used 30 Santana and 3 aris tons and aris tons gave me more trouble than all the others

NO, you are a very good landlord. We had a similar situation where our tenant had no hot water for a shower for about 10 days, had to go to a friends house. We gave her a free week and she was very happy with this, she understood that issues happen and can’t be fixed immediately.