Broken shower rent reduction?

Hi All, apparently the hot water is fine in my house (bath and taps running hot) but the shower is cold. I’ve called an emergency plumber, but if he can’t fix it on the spot and it has to be booked in as future work, what is fair to my tenants in terms of compensation while they wait? They can take baths so can wash, but showers are preferred and expected as part of what the house should provide, which is fair enough, so I think it is fair to give some rent reduction in the meantime, any ideas how much I would need to reduce it by? Cheers, Jess

you can buy them a bath to shower converter from Amazon, for temporary use.
and then book a repairment for the shower.

search ’ Croydex Removeable Push-Fit Secura Bath Shower Set, White’ in Amazon.

cost you £21

easily solved.


I think the above solution is acceptable if it works with your plumbing. No need for compensation I think.

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Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: I ended up going with the more expensive option of the emergency plumber replacing it there and then, but only because of Xmas looming and my baby being due next week! Needed it sorted quickly, albeit expensively, just due to circumstances. But I appreciate the rapid and sensible suggestions.

If you ever do a refurb - i.e. between tenants - it’s worth fitting an electric shower. They’re not that expensive and it saved our bacon many times. When your hot water supply fails or needs to be switched off, the tenant can always still have a hot shower

that is what I have always done

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