Ammend Contract

I found a wonderful tenant through Openrent. I was ready to sign contract, but they want to add partners name to contract. I want to get a credit check done on the partner.
Do I have to scrap old contract and start again, or can I ammend present contract ?

To change parties (ie. Add) you need a new one I believe. If you go in and try to amend the existing contract it will tell you what you can and can’t do. G’luck!

Hi @Fergus1 - Thanks for posting.

Within Rent Now (before the tenancy is fully created and funds paid out), you can amend the contract. Right now, it looks like you’ve not actually signed the contract, so it’s simply a case of going to the contract signing page (that we’ll be prompting you about all the time!) and clicking: “Edit Contract”, followed by: “Add Tenant” and then filling in their details.

Should be as easy as that. Thanks!

If the tenancy had started (eg. tenants had moved in), and you wanted to add a tenant, then we have a tenancy renewal system that could help. But it doesn’t seem you’re at that stage yet, and this should be a simple change.

Firstly, it may not be in the tenants interest to include their partner on the agreement as it gives them equal rights over the property and binds the two of them in a financial relationship where each is responsible for the other ones housing debts. You should explain the option of having the tenant as a permitted occupier and see if that’s preferable to them.

If you both want to go ahead with a joint tenancy, then you will have to amend some of the paperwork, eg contract, deposit PI if they’ve both contributed, inventory, etc. Also don’t be rushed by them and tempted to cut corners. Tell them they will have to wait for the results of the partners referencing checks.

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