Does anyone know how to add a new tenant on my tenancy agreement?

So basically I’ve been living with my partner a month after I rented this studio flat. I didn’t bother changing the contract at that time (Aug 2018) but now my tenancy is coming to an end soon and I can either let it roll over or create a new one (where I can add my partner to).

I’ve contacted the landlord and he said the only way to add my partner on the tenancy agreement is to close this contract first, then he will repost the property on OpenRent so I will have to rent it again and pay for the reference checks again (basically same process as I would be a new tenant).

However this seems a bit ridiculous to me. I don’t see the point of doing all that as this tenancy agreement was already covered for up to two people and I will continue to be the Lead Tenant. So basically nothing changes at my end, just need to add my partner’s name on it.

Does anyone know a legal and easy option of doing this? I would much appreciate any suggestions.


surely he only needs to do a reference check on your partner. Then put the pair of you on a new agreement

I thought the same, will try tell him and see how this goes. Thanks Colin!

Hi Andonnis, You’re right that we don’t have a fantastic way of handling this at the moment. We will have advised your landlord to do this off platform for this very reason (until we launch a new and improved renewals functionality, hopefully quite soon).

But for now, we know it’s not a smooth process, so we recommend doing it off platform. You can do this via deed of assignment, but it’s not something we can help with.

If an new tenancy is created with new tenants, then all tenants may need to be referenced, since all need to have passed referencing for the landlord to be able to get Rent Guarantee Insurance, which some landlords consider essential.

We’re working hard to make this easier for all involved!

Edit: if you landlord does not require the insurance then you can skip the referencing and won’t have to pay :slight_smile:

Hi Sam,

Thanks for clarifying this for me. I will contact my landlord and show this email.

Many thanks,