Anyone uses a private property manager

If you don’t live nearby the property, has anyone used a private property manager who can get to the property easily and quickly? Where to fine one? And generally how much is it?

Given I am living abroad, I am thinking of using OpenRent to advertise and once rented maybe it’s worth hiring a private property manager who hopefully is better than using an agent’s full management.

Would love to hear some input on this.


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I would also need one!

An individual can never be available all of the time, holidays, illness, other commitments. They are effectively less effective estate agents surely?

I read a post recently about a tenant needing out of hours assistance and the letting agent provided an un manned phone number for them to call and leave a message. So they are not always available either.

I am enjoying being a LL although I could quite comfortably manage more. Becoming a property manager/agent is something I have been seriously considering. I think I could provide a cost effective service to other landlords in my area. By the previous responses I will give it some more thought.

Chris, do you mind roughly indicating what area you’re in?

Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

Ok, thanks.((
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I ended up not using one and just manage everything myself remotely; but the tenancy just got started so still too early to say…

Were you actually able to find any?

Surely it’s just what a letting agent does but without the advertising aspect? Most estate agents would manage any property that is let elsewhere.

Funny enough that one or two people did say they can do it and they are very experienced. But I didn’t check them out further.
I asked this on NextDoor and a few people, not many, replied or messaged me.

Interesting to know that.