Regular Inspections? Do Open Rent offer these?

Seems like the only thing missing from being able to fully self manage without all the drawbacks of letting agents and all the benefits of self managing.

If you don’t does anybody know of a company does inspections on the landlord’s behalf without getting an agent, inspections are literally the only thing I have not been able to find in a self managed scenario.

I travel a lot so not always around.

I’m no fan of OpenRent and I don’t believe they have any idea of the condition of the properties they act as “agents” for because they don’t go near them never mind inspect them either prior to taking them on, periodically during the tenancy, or at the end of the tenancy.

Must make for some phenomenal difficulties on the maintenance side as well.

“it’s letting agency Jim, but not as you know it”.

@Daniel1 what your describing is basicaly an inventory company. You can do these midtenancy. You just need someone to go around with the schedule and make a note of ever items condition.

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dan u can use access2view for property managementor just a managing agent which is what i did while i wasnt able to deal with the inspections myself for a bit

naebrain no idea what your talking about. im a legitimate landlord and all the authorities no that i am

Did someone say you weren’t??

yeah tried googling it before i made the post but could not find any results, will try again.

they are not actually agents as far as i know, i know they do inventories and take note and photos of the condition of the properties at the start and end though. they don’t do maintenance if i am not mistaken.

will check those out thanks mate

Not sure what this guys on about. If you want an agent o and sign up with many out there on the high street near you. As long as you prepared to pay for it. I use Open rent and love it. They advertise my properties where I can show my properties pictures and give good written insight into what they can expect. They wheedle out those who do not fit my criteria and yes I am proud of my properties so quite fussy who I let live in them. I then arrange to show them round and believe that all landlords should make time to do this or leave it to people who actually care about their tenants and want to know them. They then get the referencing done when I have accepted one for the tenancy but the applicant pays £20 for that not me. If they fail and I reject them their holding deposit of £200 is refunded minus the reference fee. They will sort out the right to rent and sort out the tenancy agreement of the applicant I choose. They sort out the deposit and first rent payment and remind me when when the tenancy is coming to its end. All in all a 5* service at very reasonable cost. No complaints whatsoever. Hope that reassures you.