Applicant phone number

Am I right in thinking that OpenRent used to give phone numbers of applicants? Now all I see is a message from them giving me the option to message them back. It would be very useful if it included their phone number. I’ve had cases of applicants unable to find the property who then ring me to ask directions. I would like to be more pro-active and ring them first. They have my phone number, why shouldn’t I have theirs?

Simply message them and ask them to ring you to discuss their interest in the property. You can rule out most applicants purely on a telephone conversation as their answers to your questions will be evasive ,shifty and inconsistent ie they will be lying to you .
My advice is use a seperate phone or sim card for this initial screening so they dont have your personal.number at that early stage . Once you find the right tenant then you can give them your regular number for log term use .

|But why can’t OpenRent give their phone number in the first place?

I imagine it is something to do with GDPR so messages are sent via the platform.

Under “manage this application”, select the option shown.

I was going to do this but could still get hold of me this way anyway as I would need to check the other phone still, so I thought pointless. I just give them my number. They can always be blocked if they become an issue. Once they have been told no they don’t tend to contact afterwards. (Have had the occasional person have a bit of a moan once rejected!).

Thanks, Mark. In all the time I’ve been using OpenRent I never spotted that!

I agree, it’s not very clear is it!

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