How to get contact number for potential tenant?

I’ve had numerous people asking to view my property but none of them are replying to me after I ask them what day they are available to view. I think most of them are enquiring through Rightmove and I’m starting to wonder whether they are getting my messages. How can I get a contact a number for them so I can call them directly?

I believe if you click on the profile of the tenant inquiring in your message board there is an option to request contact details of the tenant

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Are you using openrent, or are you just on rightmove?

As a rule, unless you have a property very hard to let for some reason, I would not start ringing potential tenants, let them chase you. It sorts the wheat from the chaff.


I give out my LL number in autoresponses to enquiries and ask them to call me. That puts the ball in their court. If they don’t, I don’t consider them no matter what. Simples.

I wouldn’t want to do that. I’d want to short list at least before giving my contact details out to all & sundry.

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That’s your prerogative, but it’s not to all and sundry. It’s to potential tenants and it is a very effective filter to weed out timewasters or those who simply can’t follow basic instructions. Besides, a LL number, so not personal, and this practice has served me well for nearly five years now with zero abuse from anyone.

not had anyone pester you ,asking why you did not choose them?

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nope… never.

I think the reason for this is that if they do call, I ask them a bunch of standard screening questions. By the time we finish those, if I refuse them a viewing, it’s obvious why and that’s that. If they do attend a viewing and subsequently are refused, again, it’s either obvious at viewing stage or subsequently based on other factors that come up (e.g. on bank statements). I always explain my reasoning.

If it comes to it, it’s really not hard to block a number… or even get another number myself. For me, the benefit of screening timewasters out this way def outweighs any issues from five years of experience doing this.

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