Applicants from Hong Kong


I’m getting quite a lot of applicants who are coming from Hong Kong, all of them don’t have jobs at the point of application but all have offered 6 months to a year up front and bank statements to prove savings.

I’ve been saying no to everyone so far as I’m sure referencing would come back high risk, but I am now questioning myself.

Has anyone had similar? What are the risks or can it be safe?


You have to consider the likelihood that they will get a job with sufficient earnings to pay the rent once the 6/12 months are over. This means a lot more questions and research, but I wouldnt rule out a migrant from HK.

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I agree I take on HK immigrants.

I am dreaming to get a tenant from Hongkong, which means they are rich can pay one year in advance, and they are so careful not to break any law and never bother the landlord. Unfortunately, it seems they never want to come to North East.

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