Organising Viewings

Does anyone have tips on how to stay on top of viewings? I’m getting a lot of enquiries and viewing requests, but I’m finding it hard to keep track of when I’ve booked people in and getting quite a few no-shows.
Any tips appreciated :smiley:

  1. Weed out some with questions about employment, income etc. Some will not respond.

  2. Use Openrent’s booking system that reminds them. Send a message a couple of hours beforehand to see if they are attending. No reply= you don’t go.

  3. If you have lots of enquiries steer them all to one day or afternoon/evening so you have several booked in the same evening for instance.


Get a diary
Use the auto reply
I include
Incoming tenants are reference checked (employers and landlord reference )
A guarantor is required
Right to rent check is mandatory and is non negotiable!
Income is three times rent
We check payslips and bank statements

Ask all the questions you would ask at a viewing on the portal
That reduces your enquiries by 90%

When you book the appointment call them 30 minutes before
That weeds out another 5-8%

Don’t book viewings on Friday evening or Saturday after midday or Sunday
The majority of the weekend viewings DNA and you will lose your weekend


Use this as a start, you will find many will crash out at this stage.
Hi, thanks for your interest in the flat, I would be obliged if you will forward a few details about yourself i.e. your name are you in permanent full time employment , are you renting now and is the flat just for yourself, can you provide a guarantor.
You may wonder about asking their name, there are a good few that don’t give their name in the first instance.


here are some of the questions I ask FIRST. Where do you work… Is this for yourself only… Do you have children… Do you have a landlord now… If yes will he give a reference… Do you have any pets… Do you have a car… Do you have any CCJ S… How old are you… Where do you live now… Are you O K with a credit check being done on you?. If they do not answer, and 75% will not , you have avoided a needless viewing… I never give my phone number out at this point.


I agree that asking a few questions on the initial response is a great way to weed out people who aren’t interested enough to turn up, or won’t meet your requirements.

I do wish OpenRent built a viewing calendar into the site- seems daft that there is no way to see what you have arranged through the site (importing a calendar booking isn’t the same- it’s easy to miss one and it doesn’t update if you rearrange the booking)

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Had a look at the OpenRent Viewing Arranger this morning… will definitely utilise that!
And the questions are great to whittle it down to only serious, potential tenants.

So so helpful! Thank you all for all your advice…much appreciated!

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Hi just give callers or people want to view . one date and time also ask for reassurance to they’re committment to enquiries if they can’t be sure then cancel it’s first come first to get . Try it youl see it works

Yes change your tactics on when to view also say a time it suits your schedule and stay firm on it if they want to see then you will see stick to your rule okay youl see difference .:+1:

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Hi, I have a quick question - is it normal to ask for a tenant’s passport and proof of income before the viewing? I am still new, thanks for any tips!

There is no harm in it but it may be a turn off
I just ask the questions. That is usually enough of a filter but not always

I have a long dialogue and phone conversation before asking someone to view. In they politely answer my tedious questions over a period of a few days it shows they are serious. If they give favourable answers they get a phone chat and if they sound nice and sensible I then allow a viewing. Only usually one as they snap it up. I do my houses up nicely.,:blush:


When I used to self manage, I would vet them thoroughly by phone, then arrange a viewing appointment, subject to them phoning you to confirm 30 mins before the time. If they didn’t call I didn’t go.
Now my agent calls them to confirm, and still gets no shows.

Wow. That is just over the top really. This is really what gives landlords a bad reputation.

Personally, when I rented, I didn’t mind a few questions about employment and economy but beyond that I would think it’s a landlord who is going to be intrusive and not let me enjoy the property in peace.

No not really. It has worked out very well. All my tenants are polite, articulate, easy going and communicate well. Not had any problems with any of them and they say I’m the best land lady they have ever had. I’m very proud of offering an excellent service. But it does mean bring diligent and getting to know people BEFORE handing over a very precious investment that has taken back breaking work to get perfect. And the tenants are very grateful.


I’m sure you’re happy in a market where tenants have little renting choice, but you’ve also wasted a lot of tenants’ time.

Sat at home at their computer answering a few questions? If they are genuinely interested they don’t mind. But if I get no reply or a reply that seems to have been written by an 8 year old that tells me a lot. Besides, it wastes my time and their time if I haven’t checked their ability to pay beforehand. I have 11 properties now so I think I know what I am doing. Thanks


This what you said. Doesn’t sound like a couple questions over the computer to me.

I like to get to know people and their circumstances BEFORE I show them my property. I am too busy to waste 2 hours 30 minutes of my precious time to drive to one of my properties to show someone a house when they haven’t given me any info about them or their affordability. As I say, I have 11 properties and will have nearly 20 by the time I finish. My tenants have said I’m a fantastic landlady and I am very proud of that.


Agree with your strategy. Know and understand your potential tenant before signing any contract.
As you say, tenants describe us as the best landlords they have ever had. And our properties are very nicely maintained and problems rectified immediately, often same or next day.
And we have the nicest tenants. Funny how that works out when you select the right tenants for your own circumstances.