Back door Key Issue

Hello all,
Just wanted to get some advice, where I stand with something.
We moved in to a new house last Monday and the back door has a key lock from the outside and a metal turn lock from the inside. So we can only lock it from the inside as the landlord hasn’t given us a key.
When I asked for a key for the back door to lock it from the outside, he said there is no key and there never has been. I asked for the lock to be replaced and he stated no.
Do I stand with this legally?


Send the landlord an idiot of the year award.


a stupid man . if it is a euro cylinder then they are easy to change, but you need the key to slightly turn it in order to remove the cylinder… I have swopped many of these when upgrading . You may need a locksmith. Tell the LL you will get this done if they do not get you a key and invoice him

Legally, you might wanna check your lease or rental agreement to see what it says about locks and security. If it’s specified that the landlord should provide a key or proper security, you might have some ground to stand on.

As this isnt a security issue, you may not be able to insist on the lock change if you accepted the property as it was. You could ask if you could change the lock at your expense, which as said would probably be straightforward.

As a LL i avoid having any external doors that can slam shut and lock while the tenant is outside as tenants would be constantly getting locked out . You need a lock that has to be engaged by turning a key . Regarding not having a key to open from the outside, unless you are likely to be entering the property from that side on a regular basis i wouldnt stir things up as your LL is obviously a rougue who doesnt want to help.

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