Landlord lost the key

I recently moved into a property that has a door provides direct access to the garage. However, the landlord told me that he lost the keys on the day he handed over the keys. Unlike the front door lock, the lock on the garage door itself seems weak, and this makes me feel insecure about the safety of the property.

Is it reasonable to expect the landlord to take the responsibility to have it replaced?

He should be providing keys to the in-between door or replacing lock so you have keys.

The garage door lock may simply be a standard garage door lock and nothing wrong with it.


Yes, ask the landlord to replace the lock to one or both of those doors and give you keys. If you are worried, get permission to fix an internal bolt to the connecting door so that it can’t be opened from the garage.


if it is an up and over door ,those locks are not good , some even have a key number on the outside !!


The harder it is the more damage they make :grinning:

Yes, the garage door is the standard up and over one, I have no concern if the connecting door can be locked.

The connecting door uses a multi-point lock, I think I need a locksmith to replace the internal bolt.

Thank you all for the advice. I will communicate with the landlord about my concern and request him to replace it.

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