Locks changed due to break up


I am a new landlord and have a situation which I don’t know how to deal with.

My tenants have split up and one has moved out. It’s a nasty break up with police involved.

They have served notice, but he has changed the locks with out asking us permission but that isn’t the issue, the issue is she can’t access the property and I don’t have a key to give her as I haven’t been given one.

I feel like I am being dragged into a dispute here between them.

Do I have to get a key from him and pass it to her or is it up to them to sort out?

Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance

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As long as the rent is paid , keep out of it. If you see two dogs fighting in the street you would not intervene., or you will be bitten. They may make up anyway


Agree with above, it’s up to her to get the key off him .what you don’t have can’t give !

If he is occupying the property, ask him for a spare key for you in case he ever leaves, as you will need access then, but not to help her.

If he is not in occupation, then I suggest you advise her to get the locks changed at her cost and provide a spare key for you.

If needed, tell her where the local or 24 hour locksmiths are, even provide their contact phone numbers for her to call.

If you want to be nice, if she does not have access to funds, you can offer to loan her money to travel to family or friends to stay with them, or even to stay at a hotel or YHA until she can refund you, though there is the risk you will lose that money!

She should rely on family and friends to send her money, if it’s even needed. Instant transfer.

Thanks everyone. The tenant that is left is going to give us a key at weekend.
My thoughts were it’s up to them to sort it out. I would hate to give someone a key which could lead to some sort of domestic violence incident or something but wasn’t sure if I had too.