Bad Credit/No Guarantee/ On DSS how can i get a place?

I am looking to move to an area within Manchester , Due to a bad situation suffered at the hands of my housing association for over 5 years. I am desperate to move. Unfortunately, due to the stress of everything i had lost my job. I have no guarantee and i have a bad credit. All and all it aint looking to good :frowning: . I was on top of things before this all happened.

Housing associations i have applied to have been extremely insensitive , given the evidence i have bought to them to substantiate my reasons for wanting to move, but all they say is " I have a roof over my head". I am very independant and love my own space, so sharing is not an option.

.Anyways i will appreciate it if anyone could offer constructive and positive advice. I am 51 years old.

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What is your reason for wanting to move?
Do you have ccjs? Are they still outstanding? What are the reasons for them?

Wow, that was a quick response Mark10, Thanks for that :slight_smile: .

I have been suffering racial hatred , had a LOT of things done to me, housing done nothing but encouraged the preperator to continue, Police has been an absolute pig and it goes on

I have not been taken to court or anything , but know i have a bad credit

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It’s going to be difficult. Unless you have concrete evidence of being victimised I suspect that housing association will not be helpful and neither will the council. Single males are bottom of the list of priorities. I suspect evidence is limited if the police arnt acting on it? Can you video it to get evidence?

Are you in rent arrears? Are you paying back CCJs?

If current home circumstances are that bad wouldn’t sharing be a better option, even if you viewed it as short term measure to get your head straight and get back into work?

Is your mental health effected or are you being treated for this?

There are companies that act as guarantors but I doubt they would do this for people with CCJs. It may be a case of having to repair your credit worthiness over time iE pay off your debts and then this gives you more options. Bad credit can be fixed.

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Like i said in my post, i have substantial evidence to back up my claims and again the Police themselves have an agenda and it is not suprising they have been absolutely disgraceful throughout given the repetition of the Police overall.

BTW i am not a male, im a female- which i do not think should make a difference, They should be no going t favourism for anyone to go through this, but i hear what you are saying and it seems that is the way the world is

No living in one room with a bunch house of strangers is NOT something i am happy or will tolerate. I been there and it is NOT a situation i wish to revisit.Not even on a temporary basis

Anyways thanks for your comments.

Hi, unfortunately landlords are unlikely to take note of ongoing disputes with housing associations, particularly with rental accommodation being in short supply and demand being very high, which I’m sure is the case in Manchester. I’m not familiar with the housing association process but there must be a more senior organisation that you can take your case to, to support your move to somewhere else? As per Mark’s questions, you might want to give any potential landlords more information about the bad credit and CCJs. You can get a CCJ for something minor like a mobile phone bill, versus something more significant, such as rent arrears so context is important here. Also it is important to know if you are paying back the CCJs, or what other financial support package you have. Good luck.

Thank you Mita…

I have gone through the complete housing complaints procedure- even further .

As with CCJ’s like i said in my previous post. I have not been taken to court but know that i cannot purchase a home or purchase things via credit etc and i have no financial package

Hi, thanks for the info but I’m still not understanding the reason for your CCJs. How many do you have and what were they for? Are you paying these back?

You will need to provide this info to potential landlords when searching for alternative housing.

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Mortisha, have you downloaded your own credit report? Credit karma app is free and will give you some insight.

Have you registered on housing exchange lists?

Housing exchange would mean that i will have to swap with someone that will move into mine- meaning my preparator would know where i have gone too. My whole mission is to move AWAY totally from that horrid area. This person, the housing and the Police has tried to make my life hell for a very long time . I want to start living my life as what is due to me.

If there are housing provides that can help, i will be grateful

I hear you and it doesn’t surprise me no one is bothered as shocking as it is.

Are you able to get any advice and support from any independent charities or Shelter?

You said about racial abuse and I would guess you are suffering with mental health issues because of this, so I don’t know what there is in your area, that maybe able to fight your corner.
Mrs T

Although i appreciate your advice and believe me this has all been covered . The main purpose of my post is to know how i can obtain a property as i am desperate to move, so i will appreciate comments from landlords ONLY addressing that. Thanks

People are asking questions about potential arrears and CCJ amounts as this has a direct bearing.

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I believe she’s said that she has no CCJs, she just has a low credit score.

When we moved to the UK we couldn’t even get home internet because we had no credit rating. Having bad credit doesn’t mean you’ve necessarily failed to pay anything.

To the main problem - have you looked into organizations in your area or globally that help with racism? If you have all that evidence it’s possible that you can file a lawsuit and get compensated or something - i have no idea I am not an expert.

My first thought would be to find an organization in Manchester for people of your race, or people of colour in general, reach out, explain the situation, and ask for help and advice. They may be able to put you in touch with the right people or offer resources themselves to help you out.

Ah yes you’re right, she didn’t specify CCJs - my mistake!

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Hello there - I am small landlord. I try to be nice to my tenants but one tenant who defaults on rent or wrecks property increases prices for all my other tenants as the books have to balance. So I do my best to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Landlords are interested in two main things

  1. Will you pay the rent consistently
  2. Will you keep the property in good repair and clean - inform me of anything that goes wrong that it is my responsibility to fix promptly and not cause nuisance to neighbours or other tenants.

If you want to get a nice place you first need to persuade them on number one . Make sure you have no rent arrears and clear any debts you might have. Maximise your income ! being realistic it is very hard to move to a better property without secure income - so you sadly you may have to consider going for something cheaper /smaller ) in a cheaper area to secure a move . Rubbish I know but its just being realistic. Most private landlords will look for a guaranteed income from all sources of something like 3 times the rent. (but will get worried if the tenant has large debts meeting the repayments is competing with rent payments)

There are some Landlords who don’t check this stuff - but they are usually the ones who manage by providing cheap properties with cheap support to risky tenants by taking lots of shortcuts - so don’t expect well maintained properties from them. !

A long time ago I chaired the tenancy sub committee of a very community minded housing associations ( I was a volunteer - no pay for that work ) We would take seriously an application form tenant who was suffering racist persecution. Also a person who was suffering distress in their present accommodation - but waiting lists were large and we had to decide between equally deserving cases…

You are competing with lots of equally deserving people. Those with no-where at all to live or suffering an immediate threat of violence usually get priority from social landlords

But small private landlords just have to make the books balance so persuade them that you can and will pay the rent even if things go a bit wrong in your life!

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Thanks for your detailed comment, @Mark107

I have always paid my rent on time, intitally, until my landlord decided they would not ( and stated). They will not do anything to assist me and will not pass my files onto another association and made it difficult for me to rent from another association. My job suffered as a result of the intensity of the problem I was going through, and unfortunately, I was let go.

I hear what you say about what landlords want from their tenants, i.e., rent paid on time and property kept clean, but my experience has been totally different. I find they care more about receiving their rent than dealing with issues that arise. I have rented privately in the past and it was a nightmare. The landlord broke all the rules you can imagine.

I understand about prioritising , but i cannot help but think that some housing associations are lying and simply nick-picking the kinds of people they want to place in their properties, i.e., professionals. I live in a 2 bedroom flat, but would look to downsize only to get the hell away from the area i live in. You would think my housing would be quick to pass my files onto another association as my home can house a family. But oh no! It is excuse after excuse.

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