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Housing benefit properties. Do landlords respond to enquiry

Good evening. Do all landlords reply to enquiries? I enquired on a very rare find of a landlord that accepts HB but have heard nothing back. Just wondered if people have found this the case. This house would be perfect for my family as the house im renting is in such bad repair and my landlord just doesn’t care. Thank you. Mandy

I always reply .even if its to say … sorry I cannot help you.

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I have had a fair few landlords respond. even like @Colin3 says just to wish me luck but sadly they cant help.

Landlords aint bad guys they just need to protect there investment. which is why soo many checks are completed. i hate it because

i do have bad credit. ( Because of a ex partner)
I dont have a guartone (My dads a decorator so he has his own company)

I do have References from ex employers police officers and personal references but sadly this doesnt help.
I do have the money ready.

But what more can you do? good luck i do hope you find what your looking for.


Thank you for your reply. Its a real difficult one. You feel so desperate trying to find a home and if your down on your luck and dont meet all criteria its very difficult. Just hoped I’d get some response.

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I haven’t had my own place to call home properly for 13 years or more. I am not some bad and crazy guy running around committing crimes and damaging property ive just been unlucky I’ve recently lost a 9 year old daughter to an aggressive cancer, but the council don’t care about single males and the landlords although máke out they are fair are very untrusting towards me and my situation. It’s a hopeless feeling I’ve even considered suicide at some stagesas I feel I’m never r going to have a place to call my own. People don’t care that is the bottom line. I’m 38, a student, studying in my own time a self employment course, have been on disability for a few years so the rent would ld be guarenteed but still I never ever get a shot at my own place its the same old excuses. Then I look at everybody els with their own places even huge foreign families and my heart aches for just some acceptance, for my country to look after me or consider me before others for once. But I’m still classed as homeless, sleeping on a front room floor with no personal privacy really. If I was a bad gut I get it but you know when you meet someone if they qre genuinely decent or not and I’m accepting and open to everybody. The rules are there to keep people like me struggling… With no one to help me, no priority given from the council, well there us some but I never get offered anywhere, what am I to do? I even watched recently as an active heroin user got given his own keys to his own place from the council! What a joke, and a cruel one at that. Im clean and sober, have no dependants and do the right things but look no help… Sometimes I feel ill finally get ro rest in my coffin, does anybody else feel this way?

Hi James, so sorry to hear about your daughter and what you’ve experienced. Have you tried making a homeless application? Given that this situation has affected your mental health to such a degree you’ve contemplated suicide I’d certainly advise it. You can be classed as being in priority need because of it. Check out shelters information on homelessness. You might need some specialist advice from a charity like Shelter to help you as the whole process can be a nightmare. Stay safe and hope you can talk to your GP or someone who can support you with everything. Best wishes

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