Bank detail input page is primitive

I have updated the bank account detail, HSBC , sort code xx-xx-xx and 8 digit account number at the ‘edit profile’ > ‘bank accounts’ page…

My question is: when the tenant transferred the first month rent to openrent and successfully move in, how can I ensure openrent has successfully transfer the money to me via the account detail record I inputted?

I ask this because the ‘bank detail update’ page is very primitive, inputting by free text…, seems it does not has any verification of bank name or account detail … in case it has problem when openrent transfer the first month rent to my account, is it I need to manually seek support from openrent? Any landlord can shed lights to me on this?

Thanks for your advice in advance!


Hi @Ching_Man

If you have any questions about your bank details please contact our customer support team directly by clicking the blue “need help” button at the bottom of your screen.