Bank transfer confirmation


I just paid my deposit and first months rent via UK bank transfer - the site advises instant confirmation but I havent received anything and the money has left my account.

Can someone advise how long this normally takes?


Did you resolve it and get the confirmation? I am just about to pay mine but my bank rejected at first and said it’s flagging up as a scam? Please let me know

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I am also just about to pay and my bank flagging as possible scam, too - was it all ok with you guys?

Hi @Georgina7 , @Sarah52

We’ll send the confirmation to you via email as soon as the funds hit our account. You’ll also see the status of the tenancy application update on your OpenRent account to reflect the final balance of the deposit and rent in advance being paid. We’ll also send confirmation to the landlord letting them know that the final balance has been cleared.

As the amount of these payments is normally quite high, sometimes banks will take extra steps to take to ensure the security of your money before processing the transfer. Where this happens, we advise you double-check the bank details we provided for payment to ensure you have instructed your bank to send money to the correct account details for OpenRent. These are provided securely via the website, and only visible when you are logged into your account.

If you do want to speak to any of us here at OpenRent about this, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to clarify any further questions or concerns that you may have.

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Everything was fine! I got the confirmation immediately! No problem at all x


There was a bit of a delay until the confirmation came through but everything was fine. The payment is probably triggering your bank’s security algorithm as it’s a high value transaction to a new payee. It doesnt mean you’re being scammed.

Hope that’s helpful,


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