Be aware tenant enquiry from dangerous tel numbers

Hi I just wanted to let you know and just wanted to
ask bc especially to landlords to be aware of tenants enquires and before viewing always to ask basic information on of any tenants enquires using Openrent portal.

The reason is that I had one enquiry about for viewing a person called Laura and as I always ask basic questions but
Using Openrent portal but no reply and then I had text message from that

"You have a recorded message from Laura dial 09826521303 to retrieve. opt-out: 18+

I checked the number online and this is what I have found
out that is a dangerous numbers and call canaries to that call is £6 per hour.

I have reported to Openrent.


I recently had an advert running and had a few enquiries from people who wanted to move in quickly and pay cash. ( couldn’t provide references ) Avoid ! - I believe there are people targeting Open Rent as they know they deal directly with landlords and feel we are less rigorous than Estate Agents. I always filter first with a tel call to try and screen before wasting time with a viewing which goes nowhere. Be extra careful and you were correct to report to Open Rent.


check all the time .If people in a hurry BEWARE


Please always asks basic questions using using professionalism skills showing that we are Professional landlords with knowledge of our renting our properties.

Also Openrent is a professional online estate agent providing service for direct connection between landlords and tenants.
Also we as landlords and tenants can share our experience, discuss any issues /knowledge to help each other out.

Openrent portal So if they are genuine tenants then
will answer the questions.

Please note there are honest landlords and tenants out and also some crooked as well so always ask questions and proof etc

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I have advertised for 3 months, and had 10 rental enquiries. Everyone one of them would not answer basic questions i.e who will be living in property, income, references etc.

The Boston Lincs area is awash with eastern Europeans who run the multiple let’s.
The estate agents have dropped out of the market and these guys have driven them out.

The bottom has fallen out of the rental market here, landlords are selling rather than renting to multiple let agents.

Open Rent basically does not or can not filter these people out of the market, the multiple letting agents are in fact their proposed tenants.

These people are driving down rents to the landlord while charging tentants way over the odds for a room share.
The properties are basically trashed by the time you get them back, getting as many people in a property as possible, making you a slum landlord who is breaking the law.

Are any other regions experiencing this?

Hi All,

Great to see the discussion so far.

Just to highlight that (prior to referencing) we have a few tools to assist with your vetting of tenants. You can read more about our pre-screening and auto reply features here:

Although rare, it is disappointing to hear when unsolicited or spammy messages are received by landlords. OpenRent is set up for private tenants to enquire about properties.

We have systems in place to prevent enquiries from other agents getting through - this is enabled by default.

If you still receive an enquiry which is spam, we’d appreciate it if you can report this to us. When you are viewing that enquiry (on the website), there is an option at the bottom of the page “If this message contains a message from an agent or someone trying to solicit other services, please report it to us by clicking here.”