Bed bug infestation

During a routine gas safety check today one of my tenants confessed they had a bed bug problem due to her bringing possessions from a previous property where there was also a bed bug problem affecting several flats in that block.

Two questions: How to get rid of the infestation and who pays (the tenant I assume since the problem did not exist beforehand and it has occurred due to their carelessness).

Thoughts appreciated.

OMG, poor you! You need to act fast. I was speaking to a guy on Friday who has a severe infestation of bed bugs in his home and has had to pay £400 plus per month to get rid of them and they keep on coming back as they got under the floorboards so it has now become a massive and expensive problem. There are firms of pest control specialising on bed bugs and seems that one of the most effective treatments is based on heat. I really wish you good luck, it definitely made me think twice about having lodgers in my home. Some people are more susceptible to their bites than others and come up with a horrendous rash. BEST WISHES!

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Firstly, get an exchange between you so that you have their admission by email.
With that confirmed, you can not reasonably be held liable. In practice, I would suggest you offer to arrange for the problem to be treated but that they will need to finance this. It makes sense if - having got, say, three quotes in to indicate ‘reasonableness,’ - you arrange things so that the tradesperson ultimately liaises directly with tenant, not least so that tradesperson is aware who will be paying and that this is agreed between them. There is less chance of animosity this way… usually… but keep your finger on the pulse in terms of ALL communications and ensure you are cc’d into any email exchanges between them; in writing is ALWAYS most prudent so encourage this from the tradesperson.
It is the fair thing for the tenant to concede to this cost implication.
It shouldn’t have happened in the first place. It was their fault (as qualified) not yours. This can’t be left and must be treated urgently for reasons expressed in another reply.
Cant believe they admitted it but…

Good luck.

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Thankyou both for taking time to comment. I agree fully with both of the replies. I documented it the following day by email and, although do not have a direct acknowledgement,I have a text message that demonstrates they must have seen it and chose not to contradict it. I do also have my gas boiler engineer as a witness as he was doing a safety check at the time. Now focusing on getting a plan agreed to address the problem.

Thanks again. Very helpful.

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