Bed Bugs Bonanza

Hi Everyone,

Was not initially going to post as had in mind what I was going to do, but after some good advise from someone on this forum I though I would share in case anyone had any further wisdom on how to best deal with this.

My flat has new tenants - 3mths or so.

Had the flat for 2yrs and never had an issue with this before until I got a message from the tenant to say they have bed bugs in one of the rooms.

I immediately organised for treatment within the week.

The tenant wanted non-chemical treatment and also replacement of furniture.

Certainly, we did not have this before they moved in so only they have brought it in.

I am looking to cover the cost of the treatment, have also bought a mattress protector for them that is bed bug fully zipped so will go towards assisting their concerns.

I have also found a provider that does non chemicals for her room as she says she is sensitive - while treating the whole flat to ensure that the whole flat is covered.

They also have a dog - which is new to the property and have never had this before also?

My worry is that if the bed bugs re-appear as have heard sometimes you have to do multiple treatments & if because she wanted nonchemical this is more costly because of the fact that the non-chemical may not work as well?

Have I taken the right actions here? Assume I cover cost? Have not agreed so far to do the furniture but instead have purchased a mattress protector.

Welcome anyone thoughts and suggestions as never had experience dealing with bed bugs before!

Thanks in advance!

What does you contract read?
Who is responsible for pests?
Is it bed bugs or fleas ( there is a dog in the equation)?
Has evidence been provided to support this claim?
Speak to the person doing the treatment. They have enough knowledge ref pests to know the answers to your questions ref the mattress and furniture and could the tenant have brought them in.
What is the incubation of bed bugs ( that will let you know who brought them in)?
Ask how to prevent this is the future?
Call a few pest controllers and put the same questions to all of them.

Logically if you treat and have to replace the furniture it would make the treatment redundant.
I think the tenant may be anxious and being overcautious but the best person to guide you is a pest controller.

a good reason not to allow pets


Thanks AA,


Appreciate your post - yes they send some evidence in the form of a picture - it seems to be bed bugs rather than flees.

I have asked for some maintenance instructions from the treatment provider which I will give to the tenant.

So far it seems like I will cover which I had intended but thought I would check - the open rent T&C are not editable on this part but will ask in future.

Hopefully they can look into this for us - as mentioned we did not have this for whole time we have had the flat so they must have brought it in.

@Colin3 The bed bugs have no connection to the dog. Stop spreading your hatred for pet owners on every post mentioning animals


Only for irresponsible pet owners and there are plenty of them . I have worked in owner occupied homes , rented homes and delivered also to both ,so I know the facts Some places simply stink , These people have no right to rent off me , not fair on the other neighbours

Where did it mention that this tenant is an irresponsible pet owner? It didn’t. Every post there is a negative comment from you about something or other.

Just as an example Look under" long distance Landlord ". you have not read all my posts… I have in posts praised my long standing tenants of 20 years renting the same place off me… .PS ( Animals can be carriers of bed bugs )

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…and absolutely not fair on the animals concerned either. There are a great number of responsible pet owners but an irresponsible one (of which there are a great many unfortunately) make the animals suffer as well as landlords.