Been served a S21, do I need to agree to viewings if I haven't given notice

FTB on an AST, which has now ended, with letting agency serving S21 with 'final date of your tenancy is 7 October.

We are awaiting the completion date before giving the current landlord notice, who is aware that we are in the process of purchasing a house. However, the letting agency has now listed the property available from 25 October and is arranging viewings for next week.

I understand we still have to give access to the landlord/ letting agent for inspections, but do we have to do so for viewings?

Appreciate any guidance as it is incredibly stressful on top of the expected house-buying stresses. We have been good tenants, paying rent in full and on time and keeping the property in good order.

You are able to refuse viewings as you have the right to quiet enjoyment of the property you are paying for, however it is generally better to provide limited access, ie allow a block of viewings over a 2 hour period at a convenient time to you once a week.

It is reasonable for you not to want a steady stream of viewings at all times but a complete ban is likely to alienate landlord, when it comes to returning deposit he may claim more (he still needs to proove things) if you have upset him.

Thanks Richard. Understand but should the letting agent only start scheduling viewings once we have given notice (which we are awaiting the completition date on the house purchase to do so)?

Seems pointless for all parties to hold viewings before so, as the landlord can’t sign a new teneacy agreement until they have vacant possesion of the property (or at least an idea as to when).

You said that they had served notice with an expiry date of 7th October so they are presumably expecting vacant access then. If they have served notice then there isnt much point you serving notice.

Why did they serve notice?

A landlord can sign a tenancy agreement on the expectation of vacant possession, it isnt advisable as if you dont move out he’s got a big problem, however you could potentially be liable for legal costs incurred if you dont move out on expiry of notice

Their notice doesnt end the tenancy, so you should probably ask for flexibility about leaving without notice and without penalty as soon as you know your completion date. The quid pro quo will be that they will expect you to allow viewings, but this is your bargaining chip.

Hi John, what does your AST state? Most include a clause requiring you to agree to viewings in the final 1-2 months, regardless of ‘quiet enjoyment’. Have they issued S. 21 to fit in with your expected completion date? Looks like they’ve thoughtfully NOT bothered you re: viewings during the 2 months before 7/10? The Agent has set aside a few weeks (from 7/10) to arrange viewings/sign up a new tenant (to rightly prevent a long void period). If you intend staying put after 7/10 - OR 25/10, you don’t appear to have communicated that/anything to the L/L or agent, hence why their processes are ongoing. Have you had any conversation with either of them since receiving notice? If not, why not? They may be receptive to a later end date? (depending on reason for s. 21 being issued?). If you look at it from the L/L’s perspective, s/he’ll have no idea that you may stay put after 7/10 end date - or are you just going to surprise them on 7/10? Just as you’ve been a decent tenant, have they not been decent as a landlord?