Best advise for new landlord

I’m renting a one bed town house. Given the nature of the property the type of tenant typically atracted is either a young professional going through relashionships, a young couple moving to a bigger place or some looking for a ‘cheap place’.

The previous tenancy was done myself through open rent including the viewings, interviews etc.

Its difficult to see what you’re signing for. Once holding deposit is placed, there is little chance to get further viewings. Other than the standard tenant that keeps good care of house I’m also looking for one that doesn’t do night parties or sound systems going late.

Any tips on how to advertise, so as to perhaps atract a suitable profile? Would a fully managed tenancy conducted by a high street agency result in better quality of tenants vs online or am I better continuing to do it myself?


Estate agents fill houses with anyone
They are getting a fee for filling the house and/or managing the house.
We manage our own tenants
The problems will always be yours.
You sign a disclaimer that releases the estate agent from liability

We use estate agents as a means to find tenants but I meet them or reference check myself

You will find you provide a much better service than the estate agent
You will learn that once you reference yourself a lot of people, even found through an estate agent, may not be suitable for you


Thanks for the advice. :+1: