Advice needed about letting agencies


We’re going to rent out our flat to friends, so we’re looking for a London-based agency to take care of the contract, deposit and rent collection and nothing more. Does anyone have any recommendations?



Hi Richard, OpenRent can set up your contract, register your deposit and collect your rent. We’ll then leave you to work out any management or repairs with your friends directly. That’s what we’re all about – and it’s just £49.

The service is called Rent Now – check it out here:

The process is designed for landlords advertising on the open market, but it can be used to by landlords who already know who they want to rent their property to (like yourself) and is very quick and simple.

Just create an advert on our site, ask your friend to click Rent Now on the advert and then follow the instructions.

It’s the fastest way to set up a legal tenancy, making sure the contract, deposit and rent is all done properly.


Hi Sam

Thanks for your reply. That sounds great but I have a question - how can I specify in the ad (and the contract) that the rent will vary, ie it’ll be X amount while the scaffolding is up and Y amount afterwards? I really want to put that in writing to avoid any ambiguities.



Hi Richard, that’s something you can include in the advert description, which you can write yourself, and also in the contract, using our custom clauses feature, which allows you to edit the contract.

Hope that helps,