Best age group of tenant

I have been a landlord for 30 years and wondered if other landlords have a viewpoint which age goup makes up the best tenants. eg I find females keep a place tidier than males. Young men are more troublesome than older people. What is your ideal group of tenant?

From experience 30 upwards however you can still never tell as the most clean looking person can view your property and unfortunately live like a pig . I find young men in their 20 s do.
Females are definitely cleaner however you can also get a female who isn’t clean There are no answers I’m afraid.
Good luck


Similar view to mine

Yep, same here, pot luck, single men between relationships have not been the cleanest or tidiest in my experience, mature women have been much better, young couples have lacked basic understanding of how to look after a place and some relationships have exploded… But I’ve had examples of the opposite too. I take a laissez faire attitude to cleanliness, I’m not living in the mess and if I can make the place work for the tenant and they stay there a long time… Which I’ve generally managed to do…i don’t mind a bit of painting and bleeching when they move out eventually. It takes all sorts…

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This is very sad, my daughter is currently looking for a place and has just been told she’s too young. She’s a young lady age 19 the youngest store manager in the country works hard full time but has to sofa surf because she is too young to be accepted for a rental property just around the corner from where she works. Everyone has to start somewhere and to not even been given a chance for a place because of her age is terrible.

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If i have a choice for tenant between a 19 year old male and a 19 year old female i would choose the female as they generally look after a place better than males. A 19 year old can easily pass the checks if she earns enough

Used to let out to a 19yo female [joint contract]. She deliberately damaged the home, even I checked credit card-limits, private video as inventory. The initial payments made by the male. But she did repair a wall when leaving

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