Best fire extinguisher to put in a rental

There are many different forms of extinguisher each doing things in a different way. Can anyone advise which type is best for tenant use.

I put in a water extng On every landing newly charged, on ebay at £6 ! 9ltr bargain of the year Warrington. I also bought powder ones at £10. However there is a new one on the market that covers all situations. Checkout “firexo .com”


Many thanks Colin I will look into your suggestions.

Powder, probably but one that is safe on an electrical fire, for sure.

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Hi Peter Powder is ok on electrical fire but does fill the room with powder as you use it .can a person cope with that and the clean up?

Hi many thanks I have now got 3 that do ABC and electrical as well as blankets so have manged to sort it. We have to go on selective licensing so its on the questionnaire along with thumb turn locks. No problem with the safety ideas but real problem about being lambasted yet again for what is basically another tax.

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I guess it’s that or the fire

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I guess co2 must be the best option. Leaves no residue and safe on petrol, oil, electrical apparently so…

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I put in fire blankets( beware the fakes ). Water and powder. Thenthe NLA saiid the powder could have an adverse effect on a tenants health!!! A fire could as well. The local council said have you instructed the tenants how to use them? Excuse me it says so on the appliance. Everyone is covering their backs. WE have to do the same(. leave the tenant alone get the landlord) tenants can read the instructions I have not come across any that cannot read

Landlord bashing to full effect and tenant molly codling. I am now convinced they want to push us off the market. Well they have gone a long way to meeting that aim. I now have to pay out 1200 for 2 properties that are not hmo for what has been called selective licence. This is to control tenant bad behaviour. Still cant see the link myself.My properties are done to a great standard unlike some so why target good landlords? MONEY thats why. Very angry.

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christine which area are you in? T Put the landlord tax on the rent .If it is £ 600 for 5 years Then put the rent up by the appropiate amount and tell the tenant that they can blame the council… .Councils are under the cosh and the goverment has allowed them themto tax the easy to get at people .So keep tenants who are on benefit out of your property as a protest and let the coucil house them. I am fortunate in that i dont care if one of my places is empty and I pay the coucil tax as my others support it and I have no mortgages , So its easy for me to say that but I understand not everyone is in the same boat.

If your place is really good dont underprice it. I bought mi xed use, shops and flats above,. you can put the landlord tax down as a business expense( The commercial tenant you can easily get rid of, if troublesome.) Put up with the hassle. in the long run its worth it. Your property is going up in price, you can freely shift it to you children if you have any. (dont die for 7 years!)

Hi Colin I have been really lucky or at least I have chosen well as I have wonderful tenants one who is in his 5th year. Overall I am happy with the rent I charge and want to keep these tenants as long as I can. I will keep the rent as is for now as like you
I have no mortgage so no worries on that score. Having said that anymore of this type of taxing and I will put up the rent. Selling is always a possibility because we probably only have 15 or if we are lucky 20 more years to worry about so the older we get
the less hassle we want. Thanks for your advice always welcome.

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Hi Colin we just have residential but no problem tenants. I will put the charge through accounts though and see what happens. It won’t gain much but every little helps. Hopefully there cannot be much more they can do to us now so this will be the end of it all. Time will tell.

Christine this tax (licence) can be set as an business expense . As can the fee for being a member of the N L A well worth joining and then all their professional advice is free Regards Colin

Thank you will look at LNA

Christine2 Sorry N L A ITs my age!

Yes I thought it was wrong . There is an LNA for landlords but its a London thing. :sweat_smile:

Could someone tell me what on earth this is all about? What tax is this? I don’t know anything about it. Should I know about it?

The goverment wants to know all the landlords in the land and has instructed all local councils they can blanket register or selectively register certain areas, in order to tax( sorry register} landlords. They say this will stop anti social behaviour (excuse me while I choke laughing) They do not have to be hmo s