Best place to be connected to Guildford and Canary Wharf

Hello Tenants,

Myself Preety and I am looking for a place to rent that can connect us (2 of us) to both Guildford and Canary Wharf.

I am going to be doing 1 year masters at Surrey University while my husband works at Canary wharf. Its been a tough decision to make where to move to cut down on travel time / living cost as Guildford is not so cheap to reach from anywhere !

We are currently based out at Purley and the daily travel cost for both of us and time taken is too much. Our current flat is quite comfortable though (2 bed, allocated parking, small garden, Tesco shopping ctr within a mile) and we are paying 1200 GBP monthly for the rent…

We have mainly looked at 2 places as of now - Guildford, Clapham junction but both of these dont help us either on cutting down on travel cost / rental cost and house space is reduced a lot for the similar rental cost.

So if you guys have other places in mind, which shall help us reach Canary Wharf and Guildford in an hours travel time, less travel cost (e.g. Guildford to CW is 28 GBP per day !) and more or less give us similar type of house, pls help suggest those :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance !