Best way to insulate exposed hot-water pipes


I am hoping for advice. I have a former council property which is continuously heated by a council-operated furness. It continuously pumps hot water for heating around the entire estate. The tenants are able only to instruct the council to connect their property to the system. A man attends with a key and connects the property to the system. Typically the property is connected in autumn and disconnected in spring when it gets warmer and heating is no longer required.

The tenants are able to change the setting on the radiators, but cannot stop the how water entering the rest of the system once the property has been connected.

This is an issue, because the property has a large amount of exposed piping. The pipes are continuously hot and the new tenants are complaining of the property being over-heated even when the radiators are turned off.

Therefore, my question is: What is the most attractive way to insulate exposed hot water pipes? I am well able to install insulating foam, but this looks rather shoddy and I would not want it in my own home, so am loathe to inflict this on the tenants. Is there a better way to insulate exposed pipes?

They run alongside walls on most rooms, elevated from the ground by supports about 12 inches from the ground.

Most appreciative of your advice on this issue,

there must be isolation valves to your property. you could form a simple short circuit loop whereby the incoming hot water is simply tee’d off and redirected directly back into the return. you just need a plumber. insulating the pipes will look poor. oh and its furnace by the way not furness.