Not gas registered

My landlord does any maintenance on the property but hes not gas registered hes doing repairs to my boiler and ive been told by agent that its his property so he can do it and if anything goes wrong its down yo the landlord im really not comfortable with this , if anything should go wrong are the agent responsible too ? Just looking for advice please

What is he doing on boiler exactly? Is the cover coming off?

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he should not even take the boiler cover off. But he can top up the pressure

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Replacement of a valve my hot water is hit or miss he said if thats expensive hell replace the boiler as he has a spare one ?

Perfectly reasonable. Literally just had a diverter valve fail. Symptoms can be hot water only works when heating on, or water hot and rads cold.

Sometimes just needs valve motor swap only.

Wise to get gas safe test though afterwards.

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Landlord can top up pressure do resets and can take a cover off to look in case of a water leak say , he can insulate the condensate pipe but thats about it. If you call the council on him it will sour your relationship so be diplomatic
Do test your CO detector as a priority in the interim

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