Blackmailing Delusional Tenant

following on from my post regarding late rent payments. I received this today.
How are you supposed to deal with someone who thinks he knows it all and who refuses to accept he is still legally responsible for the rent and utilities and council tax. This what I have had to contend with since last April.

As demanded by you, I am ready to hand back your keys. The property has been thoroughly cleaned, all furniture/ furnishings have been returned back to original position. I have recorded a video with today’s news paper date as proof and photographed everything to show the condition of the property is in good order with minor wear and tear and everything working. I have one holdall of my personal belongings in the property and I am still sleeping there on a blow up bed which means you can not take possession or enter without my permission as I am still legally there as a tenant and my tenancy has not ended. I have sent the video vai WhatsApp., Once I receive my deposit in full I will hand you the keys and remove my belongings and hand you back the property. You now have this documented in writing.

He wants his deposit back while still living there?? :roll_eyes:

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Advise that the governments deposit scheme, (specify the scheme it’s lodged with) does not require the return of any deposits until the tenancy has ended and property vacated and once you have inspected the property.

Send links or details of scheme. How to rent guide may be useful.

Trust me I have tried. But you cannot make him see sense. I have emailed the HA lettings officer that asked me for a reference for him originally.

Perhaps she will have more luck convincing him he is currently responsible for two tenancies :thinking:

I received another lengthy rant today in which he contradicts himself in saying his tenancy has ended but he’s not leaving until he gets his full deposit. You couldn’t make it up :flushed:

I would be inclined to look for a compromise. I would suggest the following:

  1. That you will meet him at the property on the day he is ready to move and carry out an inspection.
  2. If all is as he says he will initiate payment of the deposit to you in full using the deposit scheme app and you will hand the deposit in cash to the witness that youve taken with you.
  3. You will all sign a deed of surrender and he will hand the keys to the witness.
  4. Everyone leaves the property and the witness hands him the money and you the keys.

Dont worry about the utilities and council tax, he is responsible and the debt will remain with him so his problem.

Really sorry to hear this; as someone who is completely new to renting it scares me to hear things like this.

Do hope you can get this sorted soon!
Good luck.

Let this be a lesson to all New and old Landlords alike
I accepted this tenant despite him failing referencing he was self employed and his income didn’t show well on paper. I was persuaded to give him a chance particularly as his partner is related to my Son in law

I broke my own golden rule “you have no friends in business”
From the outset his first rent payment was late and I immediately began to have doubts.

Never again will I let my heart rule my head.


Oh no… I was going to ask about reference check but here we go…
Shame that I can’t help apart from wishing you luck!