Boiler installation

I am thinking of installing a new combi boiler for my tenants. The current boiler is a back boiler and the tenant are saying that it is quite expensive to run. I think the tenants get some sort of benefits. Is there any chance that I could get some government Grant towards the cost of installing a new boiler?

I would greatly appreciate any advises

there are grants to tenants on benefits. you need to google for it

Grants are no longer available for gas boilers for tenanted properties. They are available for low carbon options so could get one for air source heat pump but given gas price to electricity price ratio it’s unlikely to save the tenants money.

Cheap option would be to check what gas tariff they are on as they vary substantially so a good tariff may save 30% if not on a good one.

Consider the current Green Homes Grants for improvements. scheme finishes soon although these focus more on the fabric of the building. Also be aware that goverment is phasing out gas heating for new build so the writing is on the wall. ok for now though. Sometimes energy providers offer financial help for energy improvements.