Tenant on universal credit thinks she's eligible for new water heater grant?

My tenants are on universal credit. They would like a new electric water heater. The flat has no gas supply. I am not going to provide a new one. It’s D rated but otherwise good and I’m waiting for something genuinely better like heat pumps to become economical. She has said she thinks there are grants of some type out there that landlords with tenants on universal credit or the tenants themselves can get.

Any ideas? Has anyone found any? Thank you :relaxed:.

There are grants. The grants are there for the tenants so they would need to organise themselves with your permission. It is done under the ECO scheme which is energy company obligation. If they qualify they will fit improvements for free, i know they do new storage heaters, caivity and roof insulation, not sure about water heaters. Assuming you are happy for them to do it get them to google it and apply, they will send an assessor round to see what improvements they qualify for.


Lots of help for certain people plenty help for those on a low wage. But we "the never claimed help "do not mind paying for this

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There are grants available. Im currently arranging loft and cavity wall insulation for one of my properties which will be covered 100% by the grant and arranged by the company. Its important that the property is tenanted otherwise you will not receive any available grants. Fyi mine are private working tenants and yet I am still applicable for this grant so its worth looking into it. It’s win win.

wow, I better see what I could qualify for then convince my tenants to make the application!

Call the company and they will arrange it all for you and liaise directly with the tenants