Boiler water leakage affect paint

Hello all,

I am a new landlord. So, would need more advices.

The property works fine for the first 3 months.
One day the tenant called me and said there was water leakage. after checking the boiler caused this problem. The boiler is located on first floor just above the stair. It resulted in damp on the wall on ground floor. The paint was affected the most. The tenant admitted the wall has been dampened for around a week. He thought it is because the humid weather. So, he dumid not report to me at the first sight. Until he saw water actually dripped from the stair and made the carpet very wet.

In this case, what would be the responsibilities of the tenant as I think there is a delayed report of the problem to landlord.
I would like to seek for more advices from all of you.

Kind regards

You cant hold the tenant accountable for this. Their actions were reasonable and no court or deposit scheme would award you any damages.

Thank you. I have fixed the boiler and damp. Also advised tenant to keep an eye of the boiler. He can report to me for anything thatvseems not quite right.

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