Break Clause Query

I was wondering if someone could help me as I have never seen this before.

My tenancy started on 25/07/2019; there is a six month break clause meaning that from 25/01/2020 I have been able to give notice. I have put in my notice as I need to move as my husband has become terminally ill but my break clause is silent on how much notice I have to give. Can anyone advise how notice I would be expected to give?


Luara 27 Usually one month

Colin usually knows best.

I thought it was two months.

Worst case is two full months, so if you give notice part way through a month it will be the remainder of that month up to the date rent is due plus two full months.
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I am not always right I was wrong in 1963. !! I thought the landord has to give 2 months and the tenant one month. Unless both agree otherwise

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Hi Laura, apologies for the slow reply here, but yes – as Colin has already said, if not specified then the tenant is usually required to give a minimum on one month’s notice for monthly tenancies.