6 Months break clause when to give notice?

Hey guys,
I have an urgent question about this voice in my contract:

“The tenant may bring the tenancy to an end at any time by serving notice AFTER the first 6 months by giving to the landlord at least 2 months written notice”

I have rented the room in January. Does this mean I can give notice after 6 months (=July) to then leave in September? Is there any chance I can leave sooner?

Is there a break clause at 6 months ? In which case you could give notice now, ready to move out in July. That is what my last short term tenant did after discussion with me. They also made it smoother for me by allowing us to arrange viewings before they officially moved out. This meant we both were happy.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for replying to me, yes there is a break clause of 6 Months!
I did the same last year with another room i ranted. However, my agency told me I have to stay until October which I find a little weird, cause it would mean to pay 8 months of rent instead of 6.
Thanks for your help, I will definitely talk to the agency!