Can I charge for a re inspection

I inspect my properties regularly between 3-6 months ( with written reports) dependant upon the tenant. I have a 74 year old tenant that has been in situ now for 3 years. The property was completed refurbished new kitchen bathroom flooring etc. Plastered white walls (show home condition) However for the last 2 inspections ( his were 6 months apart) I have voiced my concerns to the deterioration And build up of cleaning required.
On my last inspection no improvement had been made and I noticed mould had appeared on the bathroom ceiling amongst other things - lots of flies fly poop to windows etc. really soiled carpets/flooring. I followed this up with a report of where cleaning needs to be improved and said I’d re inspect 3 weeks later.
I’ve asked the tenants son who is guarantor to be involved as I feel his father needs some support - gardener/cleaner and sent some suggestions.
I’ve also re sealed the bath area now every six months due to mould and weeded the front as weeds are breaking through tarmac but getting fed up now and don’t have the time.
I feel when I re inspect next week there will be nothing done again, and potentially confrontation by the son despite an inventory and clear written inspection reports for 3 years. I do not want to give notice to an elderly gent who is not bother however my once pristine modern beautiful house just 3 years on is clearly starting to decline.
Can I legally charge for a re inspection??? and where do I go from here???
I hate confrontation and feel tenants bully me by attacking as they can’t defend their own lack of cleaning.
I add that windows are new double glazed, there is a fan in situ- the father I checked can reach the window and I’ve had the house 7 years with no previous issue.

If it was me I would send a letter to the son stating the damage being caused and unless rectified you will have no choice but to get someone in to rectify it and and invoice him for it. Obviously keep it as civil as possible annoying though it is. Ask him if they could employ a cleaner once a week. Where I live that would cost around 15 to £20 per hour so even once a fortnight would help. Its worth a try. We are in our 70s so to me lack of hygiene can not be put down to age just laziness.

Hi Tracy,
No idea if you can charge for a further inspection. Would be interested to know the answer as I had to do one too at a cost of a few hundred, as live so far away.
Our tenants made a new bathroom mouldy too and didn’t bother to say anything to us. You can’t put up with mould.
As well as contacting the son, if you think the tenant has deteriorated since entering your property you could contact Social Services and see if they could give him an assessment, maybe it might he needs to go into warden care or a nursing home. Trouble is, care at home only give personal care so would not help with the cleaning of your property but might show the son that his father has deteriorated and he has to arrange cleaning.

Thanks Christine for your reply. I had already sent cleaners and gardeners names to the son during lockdown after seeing photos they sent me of my property and I wasn’t happy.

And now I’ve inspected in person as lock down has eased I can see even more issues. I didn’t even get a reply to my report from either the son or father that I did recently Following that inspection even though verbally I walked round and discussed the issues with them and where improvement rectification was needed. The son didn’t even reply to my email re the report so that’s when I said I’d reinspect giving them time to sort these things out, which is next Saturday. I doubt they will have done Anything tho as tentatively I mentioned deterioration 12 months ago and now recently on seeing mould i have had enough.
My time in travel/ re inspection and reporting takes hours and to me it’s not money but my precious time.
The last thing I want to do is serve notice but this can’t go on.

Hi Tracey
Whatever you do put it in writing. If no response by email then by recorded delivery ti both the fathers residence and the sons. If you have to pay for any rectification ie damp mould get a report and keep all invoices recorded time spent fuel etc. It sounds to me like you may need to talk in a more forceful though none aggressive manner. Obviously as things are at the moment it is unlikely to be acceptable to give him notice until the regulations allow. I wish you luck all the best. If you have rent insurance they may be able to advise on your options but a landlords association may be your best bet.

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I think its time to start thinking about giving notice. It will probably not be easy as the tenant will be advised to stay put until you evict them.

I don’t think you can charge for inspections, but your agreement hopefully gives you enough “power” to claim for repairs that are caused by tenant neglect. Mould would probably be covered, but cleanliness can only be addressed when the tenant leaves - its up to them if they want to live in a dirty house.