Section 11 tennent/landlord act,help needed!

Got tenents calling out section 11 of the tenant/landlord act 1975,
Had damp in the property,which was rectified in 7 weeks(during a national lockdown),is there a time limit on this to be rectified,before I fall foul of this?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks DanAnna.

Its 1985, but it sounds like you have fairly demanding tenants. There is no strict limit on the timeliness of repairs and 7 weeks sounds very reasonable. Make sure you keep proper records of their demands and your timely responses in case they involve the local authority.

Thanks for your reply.yes they are very demanding and have left the property,then decided to start threats of legal action if nearly 7k in rent is paid back,£350 in electrical use for a dehumidifier in only 2 weeks, plus 500 for the smallest peice of carpet and underlay. Problem is are agents are not helping ( helping the tenant more it feels like)
I have so much backing up correspondence to our swift reply and repair,also it looks like we have no insurance cover for this sort of thing.
Any ideas?

It doesn’t help if you start more than one thread on the same subject. Please try to stick to just one.
As I said on your other thread, I don’t understand on what basis they think they can claim back this money. You might need to give more detail of exactly what they’ve written because on the face of it this sounds like a lot of nonsense that you and the agent should probably ignore.

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Agree totally with David 122